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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Solution To Dry Eyes

If you're a contact lens-wearer, you may be more prone to dry-eye syndrome. Contact lens materials absorb protein and other component matter of tears such as water, electrolytes, lipids and mucins that create dry sports on the lens. Advanced Medical Optics (AMO), makers of Blink™ Contacts Eye Drops, has conducted a survey to find the top three situations or locations that contact lens users deemed the most drying to eyes. About 100 contact lens users aged 17 to 55 participated in the 2007 survey.

Topping the list was the use of computers, as reported by 68.8% of the respondents. The result was backed by a Ohio State University study which found blink rates decreasing from an average of 15 blinks per minute when the eyes were relaxed, to 7.5 blinks a minute when squinting even just a little at a computer screen. As blinking replenishes the tear film and provides relief from dryness, staring without blinking even for short spells can quickly dry the eyes because the tear film evaporates more rapidly during non-blinking phases.

Coming in at second place with 14% of respondents saying that it causes their eyes to feel most dry was the environment at clubs and pubs. Research has found that smoke, including cigarette smoke contributes to dry eyes. Airplane cabins were voted the third environment that is most drying to eyes, as polled by 7.5% of the respondents, due to the low cabin humidity. Humidity of around 50% is the optimum level for comfort, while in-flight cabin humidity on long distance and high-altitude flights often approaches a very arid 1%. Other environments that cause dry eyes were cinemas, as polled by 5.4% of the respondents and shopping malls, by 2.2%.

Contact lens users with dry-eye syndrome should avoid regular eye drops; these actually aggravate the situation. Instead, choose re-wetters. AMO blink™ contains sodium hyaluronate, which occurs naturally in the tear film to help moisten and lubricate eyes. It uses a peroxide-free, non-sensitizing preservative, which dissolves when exposed to light for fresher, cleaner eyes with no build-up on contact lens.


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